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“Our destiny is written at the time of birth” , some great scholar rightly said this. Indeed the time we are born, our destiny gets written. Our destiny is decided by the stars above, and that’s really true.

According to Indian vedic astrology, the time, the place and the date of the birth of an individual are of great significance. On the basis of this information, astrological birth chart of an individual is made, which describes in great details everything about the planets at the place and the time of the birth. We all know that planets and their positions at the time of birth affect one’s life great. The vedic birth chart is a detailed description of all these effects of planets on us.

Thus the birth chart can tell us important information about us. It is also called natal chart, and besides giving general information, it also provides very important information like:

  • Your sun sign. This provides you with some general information about your personality and other general information in your horoscope
  • Your ascendant (Asc). It is also called your rising sign. It gives you additional information about you. It is very important to relate your sun sign along with your rising sun. You need to know the effects of both to get accurate birth chart analysis and birth chart prediction
  • The moon sign etc. The moon sign provides you additional information which is unique to your personality. Knowing about your moon sign further gives you in depth information

You get to know this information about yourself through jyotish birth chart.
We provide the best free birth chart based on your date, time and place of birth. Along with that, we have our expert vedic astrologers who provide birth chart readings and birth chart interpretation which helps you in understanding the meaning of those planets and their positions on you.
Our birth chart analysis report is written in simple, easy to understand language so that you can completely understand everything about your horoscopes birth chart.

So if you are looking for an accurate and useful birth chart prediction, then get your free online birth chart prepared from our expert and experienced astrologers. With our free birth chart kundli you will have the power to know about your life in detail and know what will happen in future. This power given by our free birth chart analysis will help you in preparing yourself for the future that lies ahead.

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